A. Choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence.

1. When Mary said to the dog, 'Stop wagging your tail', ________ tail started wagging faster.
a. your b. hers c. its d. their

2. The new job provided money for expensive toys, but not very ________ time to play with them.
a. little b. few c. much d. a lot

3. They said on the news that ________ of Scotland was covered in snow.
a. each b. half c. whole d. any

4. Cars were parked on ________ side of the street.
a. all b. both c. each d. every

5. She liked to say that she was just one of his ________ happy customers.
a. all b. lots of c. many d. some

B. Identify the one underlined expression (A, B, C or D) that must be changed in order to correct the sentence.

1. (A) All their neighbors (B) each gave (C) a little money and (D) some their friends helped too.

2. (A) A third of them had blue triangles and (B) two-thirds had green squares or circles, but I didn't like (C) either colors or (D) any of the designs.

3. We spent (A) a great deal of time looking through (B) a large number of books to help him find (C) a few information about Bermuda, but he knew (D) most of it already.

4. I talked to the students and (A) all think that (B) both Mike and I have (C) lots of money, but we really don't have very (D) much.

5. Claire and Charles said that they'd seen (A) most of the Europe on their trip and (B) they both mentioned that (C) every city center was starting to look the same, with only (D) a few exceptions.

C. Choose the best word from each pair to complete this text.

all/both any/some many/a lot of my/mine
a few/a little either/neither that/the

When we were young, (0) my sister and I spent (1) ________ time together on our own. Our parents (2) ________ worked and they always seemed to be busy with (3) ________ big project. One of them was usually there when we came home from school, but sometimes (4) ________ of them could make it home before dark and they would ask our neighbor, Mrs. Green, to check if we were okay. I remember one time when we were playing basketball. My sister got annoyed and threw the ball at me. I turned my back and it bounced off and hit her straight in (5) ________ face. As her nose started to bleed, Mrs. Green arrived and let out a terrible shriek. We all got a fright, but there was only (6) ________ blood. It wasn't serious. We decided not to tell our parents about it.

D. Complete each sentence in such a way that it is as similar as possible in meaning to the sentence above it.

1. There aren't a lot of people who are willing to help others.
~ Not many

2. We've written fifty per cent of the report already.
~ Half

3. We weren't given any explanation for the delay.
~ No

4. We all want to live forever.
~ All

E. Complete this text with these words plus of where necessary.

a great deal few many most twelve times
a third fewest more ninety per cent two-thirds

I read several studies about dating. In one American study, the researchers asked a large number of college students about arranging a date. They focused on dates arranged by women (see Table 1). (1) ________ the students preferred hints. In a hint, for example, the woman mentions that she has noticed something about the man or seen him somewhere. If he talks to her, she can pay (2) ________ attention to him and act as if he is very interesting. Then maybe she can say that she'd like to talk to him again. These types of hints were preferred by about
(3) ________ the students.

About a third of the women said they wanted to wait for the man to ask. But only three per cent of the men wanted that. This means that almost (4) ________ as many women as men think that this is a good idea. Such a large difference suggests that a lot of women are waiting and hoping for something that very (5) ________ men will do. This may be one of the (6) ________ reasons why students think it is hard to get a date.

Another reason may be their different opinions about asking directly. Asking directly' was chosen by the (7) ________ women. More men, almost (8) them, liked this approach. In fact, in another study I read, (9) college men said that if they were asked directly, they would say 'Yes'. An example of asking directly was: 'I have some tickets for a concert. Would you like to go with me?' In my opinion, this example may not provide reliable evidence about dating. The man may want to go to the concert and say, 'Yes', but he may not like the woman. Is this a date? I don't think so. I believe that we need (10) ________ these studies to find out if men and women define 'date' in the same way.

Table 1

If a woman is interested in going on a date with a man, the best thing for her to do is... Men agree Women agree
... ask him directly 30% 2%
... give him a hint 67% 63%
... wait for him to ask her 3% 35%