A. Choose the word or phrase that best completes each sentence.

1. You know they don't allow ________ in here.
a. eat and drink b. you eat and drink c. to eat and drink d. eating & drinking

2. He never ________ doing that.
a. agreed b. concentrated c. mentioned d. persuaded

3. Flights kept ________ because of bad weather.
a. delaying b. being delayed c. having delayed d. having been delayed

4. In my dream, Brad Pitt offered me a ride on his motorbike and I told him I'd rather ________.
a. walk b. walking c. walked d. to walk

5. Mrs. Jacobson reminded us of the importance ________ our passports in a safe place.
a. keep b. keeping c. to keep d. of keeping

B. Add these pairs of verbs to this text, with the first verb in an appropriate tense and the second verb as an infinitive or gerund.

allow/go assume/be hear/sneeze
remember/tell smell/burn

I had just arrived at the International Adventure Camp in Florida. They had spent the afternoon assigning us to our cabins and telling us all the rules. The evening meal was pizza. Now it was after ten o'clock and we were all (1) ________ in bed asleep. I was still awake, stretched out on the uncomfortable camp bed, when I (2) ________ someone outside the cabin window. Just once, then silence. I (3) ________ the camp leader ________ us that we weren't (4) ________ outside after dark. Someone was breaking that rule. Then I thought I could (5) ________ a cigarette ________. There was another rule against that.

C. Complete each sentence, using an infinitive or gerund, in such a way that it is as similar as possible in meaning to the sentence above it.

1. It's sometimes hard finding a place to park.
~ A place to park

2. Is keeping all these old files really necessary?
~ Is it really necessary

3. He shouldn't buy a new car now.
~ It would be a mistake for

4. Amy was bitten by a dog when she was very young and she still remembers it.
~ Amy still remembers

5. The boy said that he hadn't done anything wrong.
~ The boy denied

D. Add one of these verbs as an infinitive or gerund in each space in this text.

go look put start regain
do keep lose stop try

If it's so hard to lose weight, why do people keep (1) ________? Because they want (2) ________ better is the usual answer. The problem is that going on a diet is likely (3) ________ more harm than good, according to health experts. There is a strong tendency (4) all the weight lost within one year of (5) ________ the diet. Only 3 per cent of those who take off weight have been found (6) ________ it off for at least three years. Moreover, the 'yo-yo' pattern of (7) ________ a diet, (8) ________ some weight and then (9) ________ it back on may be more harmful to an individual than not (10) ________ on a diet in the first place.