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Chủ đề: Chúc mau bình phục - Get well wishes

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    Chúc mau bình phục - Get well wishes

    Get Well Wishes

    • You fill the world around with happiness, with your lovely voice and lively presence. Now, that you are sick the world has become a gloomy place. Please get well soon.
    • I hate to hear that you are sick. Please take care of your health. Get well soon and fill the air with your vibrancy and colors.
    • I'm sending you lots of prayers and warm wishes enough to make you fine and keep you healthy. Let me know, if there is anything that I can do for you. Take care of yourself my dear. Get well soon.
    • Don't you worry my dear, I am praying hard for your speedy recovery. Get well soon and stay healthy.
    • I wish you a healthy recovery. May you soon get back to the best of your health. Take your care. Get well soon.
    • I am alive, when you are around. But now that you are not well, I miss everything we did. I miss your smiling face, your shiny hair and your chirpy vibes. Please get well soon, my love. I am always there with you.
    • You are a very nice person. Please take your care and stay relaxed. Get well soon.
    • May you get well soon and we can go back in to the fun times. Take care.
    • Sit, stay, heal. Get well soon, my friend.
    • I am sending you my best wishes so get ready to get fit again. Get well soon!
    • I know you are not very fond of doctors so I hope to see your smile back at the earliest. Get well soon!
    • Hey get well soon. Your illness is all in your head and I know you are strong enough to fight it. Wishing to see you jump around very soon.

    (Source: http://www.wishafriend.com/getwellso...ell-wishes.php)

    • You are in my thoughts.
    • We miss you here at work.
    • Sending happy thoughts your way so you'll feel better soon.
    • Sending you some get well cheer.
    • Warm wishes for a speedy recovery.
    • Here's a little sunshine to brighten up your day.

    • As you heal and rest, know that you are thought of often.
    • Sending healing thoughts your way for a speedy recovery.
    • Know that you are missed. Warmest get well wishes.
    • May these flowers brighten your day. Get well soon.
    • Hope this gift will give you a lift. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
    • Can't wait until you are back on your feet. You are missed.

    • Sending loving thoughts your way and remembering all you do for others.
    • Here's a little something to brighten your day. Thinking of you.
    • You are in our prayers and thoughts.
    • I admire your strength and courage. Please let me know if I can do anything to help out.
    • So sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. I'm thinking of you.
    • May this gift brighten your day and lift your spirits in every way.
    Lần sửa cuối bởi eugene, ngày 05-09-2012 lúc 12:59 PM.

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