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Chủ đề: Tổng hợp Ngữ pháp tiếng Anh sơ cấp

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    Tổng hợp Ngữ pháp tiếng Anh sơ cấp

    Present tense 1. Present Simple: the simple present of the verb to be
    2. Present simple: the simple present of verbs other than the verb to be
    3. Present Continuous (Present Progressive)
    4. Present Simple or Present Continuous
    5. Imperative
    Past tense 6. Past Simple: past simple of the verb to be
    7. Past simple: past simple of verbs other than the verb to be
    8. Past Continuous
    9. Past Simple or Past Continuous?
    10. Present Perfect
    11. Past Simple or Present Perfect?
    12. Present Perfect Continuous
    13. Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous?
    14. Past Perfect
    15. Used to
    Future tense 16. Future with 'Going to'
    17. Future with 'Will' and 'Shall'
    18. Will or Be going to?
    19. Present Continuous for the Future
    20. Future: Present tense with when, before, after, until, etc
    21. Future tenses
    Sentences and questions 22. Nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.
    23. Word order: subject, verb, object
    24. Yes/no questions
    25. Where, when, why, how
    26. Who, what, which
    27. How long/far/often…?
    28. What...like?
    29. Who and what: subject and object
    30. Whose is this?
    31. Question tags
    32. Short answers
    33. So am I, I am too, Neither am I
    Modal verbs 34. Ability: Can, can't, could, couldn't
    35. Can/could I? May I? Can/could you?
    36. must/have to; must, mustn't
    37. have to
    38. mustn’t/don’t have to
    39. must, can't, may, might, could
    40. should, shouldn't
    41. should, ought to, had better
    42. need, needn't, needn't have
    43. had to go/do, should have gone/done
    Articles, nouns, pronouns, etc 44. Articles: a, an or the
    45. Articles: a, an, the or no article
    46. Plural nouns; one and ones
    47. This, that, these, those
    48. Countable and uncountable nouns
    49. A, some, any, no
    50. I and me (subject and object pronouns)
    56. There or it/they
    57. My, your, mine, yours
    58. Myself, yourself...; each other
    59. Direct and indirect objects
    60. Much, many; how much-many; more
    61. A lot of, lots of, a little, a few
    62. Something, anybody, nothing…
    63. Every/each/one/another/other/others
    64. All, most, some, none
    Adjectives and adverbs 65. Adjectives (order)
    66. Adjectives: -ed or -ing
    67. Cardinal and ordinal numbers
    68. Comparison: (not) as...as
    69. Too and enough
    70. So and such
    71. Comparative adjectives
    72. Superlative adjectives
    73. Adverbs (1): adjectives and adverbs
    74. Adverbs (2): adverbs of frequency
    75. Adverbs (3): place, direction, sequence
    76. Adverb + adjective; noun + noun
    77. Position of adverbs in a sentence
    Prepositions 78. Prepositions of place and movement
    79. Prepositions of time
    80. As/like; as if/as though
    81. In; with; preposition + -ing
    82. Other uses of prepositions
    83. Verb + preposition
    84. Adjective + preposition
    Verbs 85. Have and have got
    86. Make, do, have, get
    87. Phrasal verbs (1): meanings and types
    88. Phrasal verbs (2): separability
    89. Passive sentences
    90. Passive sentences (2)
    91. Have something done
    92. Infinitive with/without to
    93. Verb + -ing; like and would like
    94. Verb + to or verb + -ing
    95. Purpose: for...ing
    96. Verb + object (+ to) + infinitive
    Conditionals and reported speech 97. Zero Conditional First Conditional (Real Conditional)
    98. Second Conditional
    99. Third Conditional
    100. Reported speech (1)
    101. Reported speech (2)
    102. Reported questions
    Building sentences 103. And, but, so, both ... and, either…
    104. Because, in case, so, and so that
    105. Since, as, and for
    106. Although, while, however, despite...
    107. Relative clause (1)
    108. Relative clause (2)
    109. Relative clause (3)

    Some - Any (trung cấp)
    Quantifiers (cao cấp)
    Prepositions of Place: at, in, on; above, below, between
    Prepositions of Movement
    Common Phrasal Verbs
    Verb + Gerund
    Verb + Infinitive
    Basic Verb and Preposition Combinations
    Comparatives & Superlatives
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    Re: Tổng hợp Ngữ pháp tiếng Anh sơ cấp

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    Re: Tổng hợp Ngữ pháp tiếng Anh sơ cấp

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