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Chủ đề: Tổng hợp ngữ pháp tiếng Anh Trung cấp

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    Tổng hợp ngữ pháp tiếng Anh Trung cấp

    Tổng hợp ngữ pháp tiếng Anh Trung cấp

    Words and sentences 1. Word classes
    2. Sentence structure
    3. Direct and Indirect objects
    Verbs 4. Present continuous
    5. Present simple
    6. Present Continous or Present Simple
    7. State verbs and action verbs
    8. The past simple
    9. Past Continuous
    10. Past Continuous or Past Simple
    11. Present Perfect
    12. Present Perfect or Past Simple
    13. Present Perfect Continuous
    14. Present Perfect Continuous or Present Perfect
    15. Past Perfect
    16. Review of the Past Simple, Past Continuous, and Past Perfect
    17. Past Perfect Continuous
    18. Introduction to the future
    19. Will and Shall
    20. Be going to
    21. Will and Be going to
    22. Present tenses for the future
    23. When I get there, before you leave …
    25. Will be doing
    26. Will have done and was going to
    27. Review of the future
    28. The verb have
    29. Short forms (it's, don't)
    30. Emphatic do (Hình thức nhấn mạnh - do)
    Questions, negatives and answers
    31. Yes/No Questions
    32. Short answers
    33. Wh-questions
    34. Subject-Object questions
    35. Prepositions in wh-questions
    36. Who, What or Which
    37. Negative statements
    38. Negative questions
    39. Question tags
    40. So/Neither do I and I think so
    Modal verbs 41. Ability: can, could and be able to
    42. Permission: can, may, could and be allowed to
    43. Possibility and certainty: may, might, could, must…
    47. Necessity: must and have to
    48. Necessity: mustn’t, needn’t…
    49. Should, ought to, had better and be supposed to
    50. Asking people to do things
    51. Suggestions, offers and invitations
    52. Will, would, shall and should
    53. It may - could - must - have been
    The passive 54. Passive verb forms
    55. Active and passive
    57. Special passive structures
    58. Have something done
    59. To be done và being done
    The infinitive and the -ing form 60. Verb + to -infinitive
    61. Verb + -ing form
    62. Verb + to-infinitive or verb + -ing form
    63. Like, start,...
    64. Remember, regret, try,...
    65. Verb + object + to infinitive or -ing form
    66. Question word + to-infinitive
    67. Adjective + to-infinitive
    68. For with the to-infinitive
    69. The infinitive with and without to
    70. Verb-adjective + preposition + -ing form
    71. “Afraid to do” or “afraid of doing”
    72. “Used to do” and “be used to doing”
    73. Preposition or linking word + -ing form
    74. “See it happen” or “see it happening”
    75. Some structures with the -ing form
    Nouns and articles 76. “Dog” and “water” - countable and uncountable nouns
    77. A carton of milk, a piece of information
    78. Nouns that can be countable or uncountable
    79. Agreement
    80. Singular or plural
    81. Pair nouns and group nouns
    82. Two nouns together
    83. A an and the
    85. A/an, one and some
    86. “Cars” or “the cars”
    87. Prison, school, bed
    88. On Friday for lunch
    89. “Quite a”, “such a”, “what a
    90. Place names and the
    This, my, some, a lot, etc 91. This, that, these and those
    92. My, your, ect. and mine, yours, ect.
    93. The possessive form and of
    94. Some and any
    95. A lot of, lots of, many, much, (a) few and (a) little
    96. All, half, most, some, no and none
    97. Every, each, whole, both, either and neither
    Pronouns 98. Personal pronouns (I, you)
    99. There and it
    100. Reflexive pronouns
    101. Emphatic pronouns and each other
    102. The pronoun one and ones
    103. Everyone, something, etc.
    Adjectives and adverbs 104. Adjectives
    105. Adjectives (order)
    106. The old, the rich, etc.
    107. Interesting and interested
    108. Adjectives or Adverbs
    110. Comparative and Superlative form
    111. Comparative and Superlative patterns
    113. Adverbs and word order
    114. Yet, still and already
    115. Adverbs of degree
    116. Quite and rather
    117. Too and enough
    Prepositions 118. Prepositions of place
    119. In, on, and at (place)
    120. In, on and at (time)
    121. For, since, ago and before
    122. During or while? By or until? As or like?
    123. Preposition + noun (on holiday)
    124. Preposition + noun (interest in)
    125. Adjective + Preposition (fond of)
    Verbs with prepositions and adverbs 126. Prepositional verbs (belong to)
    127. Verb + object + preposition
    128. Phrasal verbs
    130. Phrasal verbs (trình độ sơ cấp)
    131. Verb + Adverb + preposition
    Reported speech 132. Direct speech and reported speech
    133. Reported speech - person, place and time
    134. Reported speech - the tense change
    135. Reported questions
    136. Reported requests, offers, etc.
    Relative clauses 137. Relative clauses with who, which and that
    138. The relative pronoun as object
    139. Prepositions in relative clauses
    140. Relative structures with whose, what and it
    141. The use of relative clauses
    142. Relative pronouns and relative adverbs
    143. Relative clauses participle and to-infinitive
    Conditionals 144. Conditionals (1)
    145. Conditionals (2)
    146. Conditionals (3)
    147. Review of conditionals
    148. If, when, unless and in case
    149. Wish and if only
    Linking words 150. But, although, in spite of, whereas
    151. To, in order to, so that and for
    152. Review of linking words
    153. Links across sentences
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