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Chủ đề: Chú chó anh hùng trở về nhà sau 8 tháng điều trị

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    Chú chó anh hùng trở về nhà sau 8 tháng điều trị

    Kabang là một chú chó, nhưng cũng là một anh hùng. Chú đã cứu hai cô chủ nhỏ ở Philippines thoát chết. Chú bị thương nặng và phải qua Mỹ chữa trị. Sau 8 tháng chú đã trở về...

    'Kabang', dog who saved two girls to return home after eight months of surgery in US

    A Bunggal family member plays with Kabang in the Philippines. The dog lost her snout and jaw and is returning home after eight months of treatment in California. Picture: AP/UC Davis, Anton Lim

    A MONGREL dog is set for a hero's welcome when she returns to the Philippines following surgery in the United States to reconstruct her face after she apparently saved two girls from being hit by a motorcycle.

    Kabang was released from the University of California's Davis Veterinary Hospital on Monday after eight months of treatment in which her face was partially rebuilt and she was cured of cancer and heartworm.
    In 2011 Kabang, then aged two and pregnant, became a hero in the Philippines after running in front of a motorcycle in what her owner said was a deliberate act to save her daughter and niece who were crossing a busy road.
    Thousands of dollars were raised for her treatment through an online campaign.
    "I think I will cry when I see her. She's like a member of our family," said owner Rudy Bunggal, a labourer who lives in a shanty in a poor southern Philippine town.
    In the accident Kabang's snout and part of her jaw were torn off when the motorcycle flipped over, also damaging an eyelid.
    The dog became a hero in the Philippines and an internet sensation after local media reported how she had saved the girls by deliberately leaping in front of the motorbike.

    Kabang chews on a toy after being released from the from the William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital at the University of California Davis. The brave pup was also treated for cancer and ringworm. Picture: AP

    A website, Facebook page and Twitter account were set up in an online fundraising drive, spearheaded by New York nurse Karen Kenngott, which raised more than $20,000 for Kabang to be treated in the US.
    "I am so happy that people stepped up to the plate to save this little hero. I hope she has a long, happy life with her original owners," wrote Jean Belaire on Kabang's Facebook page, which has attracted more than 22,000 "likes".
    Kabang's medical treatment was extremely complicated, with a team of veterinarians at UC Davis specialising in oncology, infectious diseases, dentistry, soft-tissue surgery and internal medicine involved.
    The university said in a statement it was not able to completely rebuild her face, but that the surgeries had ensured she was better protected against infection and she would be able live a normal life.
    Kabang is due to fly out of the United States aboard a commercial flight later this week.

    Veterinary surgeon Boaz Arzi describes how a nasal opening was created in the face of Kabang, as part of her eight months of reconstructive surgery. Thousands of dollars were raised online for her treatment. Picture: AP


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