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Chủ đề: Tìm hiểu các cách làm tăng page like trên FB

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    Tìm hiểu các cách làm tăng page like trên FB

    7 Ways to Increase your Facebook Likes [Guide]

    As Jeff Bullas says, “Growing your Facebook Likes is social media’s version of building the traditional email subscribers list.”
    A “Like” on your Facebook Page is not just a vanity metric. It signifies a real person showing interest in your business. That person has opened a 24-hour-a-day, 7-days-a-week communication channel with you. So yes, this is a very powerful thing in online marketing.
    Facebook allows you to keep your customers warm in a friendly, non-invasive way. There are only so many times a person will shop at your store in a month or year, depending on your industry. Even promotional emails with 10% off coupons can become tired and end up in people’s spam folder over time. So, to keep a person engaged between purchases, Facebook posts are key.
    This article will give you the 7 best practices to generate Facebook Likes, both on the platform and off it.
    Don’t fret if you’re just starting. These methods apply to both advanced users and newcomers.

    Here are the 7 Top Ways to Increase your Facebook Likes:
    Method #1 to Increase Facebook Likes: Contests

    Facebook contests are the easiest way to get people excited and draw new users in as Fans. The lure of a big prize (one that’s relevant to your specific target market) makes it a no-brainer for your target customers to “Like” your Page and become your Fan.
    How does a contest get people to “Like” your Facebook Page and become a Fan?
    Most 3rd party contest apps, like Wishpond, come equipped with a handy feature called a “Like-Gate”. This feature makes the entry page within a contest app hidden to users unless they have “Liked” your Facebook Page.
    A Like-gate is a simple image with text telling users who don’t like your Facebook Page that they need to do so before they can access your awesome contest. Once a non-Fan Likes your Facebook Page, the app will automatically reload to show the default entry or voting page on which the user can enter the contest. Most 3rd party Facebook contest apps, including all of Wishpond’s, have Like-gating as a built-in feature, so you can easily enable it for any contest.
    Check out an example of a Like-gate below:

    I suck at PhotoShop! How can I get a professional Like-gate image for my Contest?
    Most 3rd party Facebook apps, including all of Wishpond’s, have default Like-gate images that look great and are tailored to the type of contest you’re running.
    Like-gated contests are great for creating high-converting Facebook Ads. As I’ll explain in Method #4, you need to provide an incentive to get clicks on your Facebook Ads.
    Want to learn more about Facebook contests? Check out our Guide to Facebook Contests and Promotions. (It’s FREE!)

    Method #2 to Increase Facebook Likes: Like-Gated Coupons

    Coupons are a great (and ever-green) promotion. Something small like a 10% off coupon gives people an incentive to buy while keeping your margins (relatively) intact. The optimal way to use coupons though is to have them require an action to access them (that does not require much work).
    Wishpond’s Coupon App and Group Coupon App make it easy to create a Facebook Like-gated coupon with built-in coupon codes.
    A good Coupon App makes it easy for you to create your own coupon directly on Facebook. Having a coupon on Facebook makes it super easy to share, as many 3rd parties (yup, like Wishpond), enable you to select the option to autopost to participant’s Walls. That is, when someone participates to get your coupon code, a post is shown on their Facebook Wall, inviting their Friends to take part in your coupon offering too.
    Wishpond’s Group Offers tool allows you to only make your coupon redeemable after a certain number of people have claimed it. This pushes people to share with their friends to unlock the coupon, driving even more Facebook Likes for your Page. Check out an example Group Offer below:

    One easy way to drive traffic to your Like-gated coupon is to add a call-to-action in the header of your website. This makes it easy to capture people as fans, as they are already in the mindset of buying from you. Check out an example of this below:

    Like-gated coupons are also a solid promotion to advertise with Facebook Ads, as I dive into in Method #4 for generating Facebook Likes.
    Want to learn more about Facebook coupons? Check out our Guide to Facebook Contests and Promotions. (It’s FREE!)

    Method #3 to Increase Facebook Likes: Like-Gated Ebooks

    Sometimes educational content is a better incentive than a discount offer or prize, depending on your industry or target market. For B2B companies especially, providing free written content such as ebooks and whitepapers can drive tons of new Fans and customers.
    Many ebooks will have a download landing page housed on a website that includes a form you must fill out to access the ebook. By housing the ebook download form inside of a tab on your Facebook page, you can Like-gate it to increase your Facebook Likes.
    Hosting your ebook directly on your Page helps to improve the conversion rate of your Facebook Ads. Studies have shown that Facebook Ads that link to Pages within Facebook result in a higher conversion rate than those that link to pages outside of Facebook. This is because visitors to your Page see a Facebook Like as less invasive than their personal information or email address.

    Check out an example below of a typical Facebook Like-gate that we use for our ebooks on the Wishpond Facebook Page:

    You can create a Like-gated ebook using the online form builder Wufoo. They have an out-of-the-box app that allows you to easily add a form inside of a tab on your Facebook Page. Check out how to create one here
    Want to learn more about Facebook landing pages? Check out our Complete Guide to Landing Pages. (It’s FREE!)

    Method #4 to Increase Facebook Likes: Facebook Ads

    Facebook Ads are the easiest way to increase your valuable Facebook Likes. Why? Because you’re guaranteed visibility of your brand to a highly targeted audience.
    A Facebook Ad allows you to target really specifically, ensuring that only your target demographics see it.
    One key thing to remember though is that Facebook Ads are not the same as Google Ads. This is because your Google Ad appears when a person is actively searching for your keywords. They are more likely to want to know about your specific offering at that specific time - eliciting a click on what is most relevant for their search (the ad).
    This isn’t the case for Facebook Ads though.
    A Facebook Ad appears while a person is just browsing around on their News Feed, so they most likely won’t have the intent to purchase your products at that time. This means you need to provide an incentive to drive clicks on your Facebook Ads. You can provide a good incentive by using the three methods discussed above: contests, coupons and ebooks.
    Use Facebook’s objective-based “Get More Page Likes” right-column ad for this. These ads allow you to target only people who do not already Like your page, can link to a Page Tab and include a Like Button on the ad itself. In the Facebook Ad below we use a formula for the description that is optimized purely for getting more Facebook Likes.

    The basic formula is ‘“Like” us to _________’. This formula can be used to drive Likes based on any kind of incentive. Here are a few you can try:
    • “Like” us to get an Exclusive 15% Off coupon
    • “Like” us to get the Free Guide to Facebook Engagement
    • “Like” us to win a $100 spa treatment

    These ads are great because they can link directly to a Facebook Page Tab. So even if a person clicks through instead of clicking the “Like” button, you can still capture them as a new fan with a Like-gated ebook, coupon or contest.
    I’ve found the most success using images of people. Studies have shown that an image of a person (particularly a smiling woman) is more eye-catching and converts better than anything else. It’s more subtle than a big red arrow, and gets a higher click-through rate.
    Want to learn more about Facebook Ads? Check out our Complete Guide to Facebook Ads. (It’s FREE!)

    Method #5 to Increase Facebook Likes: Add a “Like” button or box to your blog

    A great strategy for capturing visitors on your blog in a fairly non-invasive way is to get them to Like your Facebook Page. Many people are averse to signing up for emails due to spam, so a Like can be an easy alternative.
    To help with conversions, make Liking easy for them. Don’t make visitors go to your Facebook Page first to Like you by only providing a link to your Page. Allow them to Like your Page right there from your blog using one of Facebook’s social plugins, such as the Like Box or Like Button. Making it a single step versus a two-step process will dramatically increase your conversion rate on this simple action.
    We have used the Like Box plugin on our blog. As you can see below, it fits very nicely into a blog sidebar and gives some social proof by showing pictures of your friends who already Like your Facebook Page:

    And the Like Box plugin can be easily edited to fit the styles of your blog - here is how the same box looks on socialmediaexaminer.com:

    Download the Like Box plugin for yourself! Facebook makes it super-easy by giving you a simple piece of code to copy and paste into the HTML of your blog.
    Method #6 to Increase Facebook Likes: Add a “Like” button to your Website’s Header

    Having a Like Button in the top-right or left corner of your website is an easy way to drive new Likes over time. For a number of our clients, this has been a constant driver of new Likes every day. It won’t get you a ton of Likes all at once, but having it there doesn’t hurt anything, and over time those Facebook Likes add up.
    I recommend adding a Like Button to your header in an easy-to-see position with a simple call-to-action, such as “Like us to hear about Facebook-exclusive contests and deals.” This allows you to keep it up in perpetuity and not have to worry about updating it every week or two. It will also keep from conflicting with any contests or coupons you promote on your website.

    Check out an example below:

    Method #7 to Increase Facebook Likes: Exclusive Like-Gated Videos

    Exclusive behind-the-scenes, interviews and live event videos are a great incentive to get new Facebook Likes. Just like ebooks, coupons and contests, they can be Like-gated and displayed in a Tab on your Facebook Page.
    But these can’t just be any videos. These need to be first-time, behind-the-scenes exclusives that you can’t find anywhere else. Here are a few examples that make for great exclusives:
    • Videos from backstage at events
    • Exclusive video webinars with high-profile influencers
    • Exclusive how-to guides for your product or service

    Why does the content need to be so special?

    People can watch videos anywhere, so these need to be particularly interesting in order to earn the Facebook Like you’re asking for. Even though it is a very small action, it is still a barrier for some people.
    The Miami Heat have create an entire Fan Zone in the Tab on their Facebook Page. It includes videos, photos and more of interviews and behind-the-scenes looks at Heat players. Check it out below:

    Want to learn more about Facebook landing pages? Check out our Complete Guide to Landing Pages. (It’s FREE!)

    There are tons of stories of brands getting thousands of new Facebook Likes overnight. This isn’t the norm. For the majority of businesses without a huge advertising budget or traditional distribution, increasing your Facebook Likes takes time.
    idvvrBy using each of the hooks above, you can make sure to have a call-to-action for every traffic touchpoint (from your Facebook Page to your website and blog) and every type of incentive (from exclusive content to free prizes).
    Learn more about Wishpond’s Facebook Contests Apps to see how you can use them to increase your Facebook Likes. Try one free for 14 days.
    Sign up for your FREE, personalized demo today! Our super awesome team will walk you through how your business can benefit from our online marketing system.
    Written By Nick Steeves @ Wishpond


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    Re: Tìm hiểu các cách làm tăng page like trên FB

    How to Increase Fan Engagement on Your Facebook Page

    April 2, 2014 By Amy 188 Comments
    Facebook’s organic reach has drastically declined. That’s a fact. When reach declines, it often feels impossible to get your fans to engage with you on your Facebook Page. It’s really a Catch 22: Low engagement means less people see your posts (this lowers your reach), but you can’t increase your your reach if you don’t increase your engagement. It’s maddening!
    Lately I’ve been talking about the importance of making a mindset shift when it comes to Facebook marketing. If you shift the way you view Facebook, you’re opening the door to some BIG OPPORTUNITIES and even BIGGER RESULTS. All that time and energy you’ve put into your Facebook efforts will actually start to pay off.
    Engagement Is Your Trump Card

    About that mindset shift: The people who are generating leads and profits daily approach Facebook as an INVESTMENT. They aren’t afraid to PAY to promote their posts and utilize the power of Facebook ads.
    If you want to see big results from Facebook, you must invest in ads. In an upcoming blog post I am going to show you how to use Facebook ads in a way that can get you MORE LEADS and MORE SALES without depleting your bank account.
    HOWEVER, before I show you how to utilize Facebook ads on a tight budget, I want to show you the best way to increase your free, organic reach on Facebook.
    I started this post off by saying organic reach has drastically declined, but that does not mean there’s nothing you can do about it. YOU CAN INCREASE YOUR ORGANIC REACH. And if you combine the increase in organic reach WITH your new understanding of Facebook ads (look for that post next week) you will finally start to see the kind of results on Facebook that you’ve been searching for all along.
    Think of engagement as your trump card. It’s that one strategy that is sure to work when you know how to do it right. To optimize your engagement on Facebook, there are three things you must understand. Once you have this down, you are well on your way to seeing bigger results on Facebook.
    #1: Understand How Facebook Engagement Really Works

    Before I show you a bunch of excellent examples of what’s working right now on Facebook, it’s paramount that you understand how things actually work on Facebook.
    When you increase engagement on your Facebook Page, Facebook puts your posts out into the news feed more often, so more of your fans and their friends will see your posts. If your posts are not getting out into the news feed often, you are getting little to no engagement. That’s the truth.
    But here’s where I can make it EXTREMELY simple for you. When it comes to Facebook engagement, there are just four things Facebook is monitoring. You ready for this? Facebook is looking to see if your fans either:
    1) LIKE your post
    2) COMMENT on your post
    3) SHARE your post, or
    4) CLICK a link in your post (if you include one of course).
    THAT IS IT. If Facebook users are not doing one of these four actions, Facebook thinks your audience is not at all interested in your content. If Facebook thinks your fans are not interested in your posts, they won’t push your posts out into the news feed and your reach declines. Now do you see how REACH and ENGAGEMENT go hand in hand?
    #2: Guarantee Your Fans Will See Your Promotional Posts

    Here’s one more thing that most people teaching Facebook strategies fail to explain. When you increase your engagement by creating posts that get more engagement, you increase your chances of success when you promote and sell on Facebook. How does this work? The more often you create posts that elicit action (more likes, comments, share and/or clicks) you are strengthening your reach and showing up more often in the news feed.
    That means that when you decide to promote or sell, those posts will ALSO get more reach and show up in the news feed. It’s normal that posts that are promotional or selling something won’t get much engagement, however if you make an effort to build up your engagement and reach with your non-promotional posts, when you do promote, those posts get a free ride into the news feed. See how that works? Good stuff, right?
    #3: Craft “Action-Worthy” Facebook Posts

    If Facebook engagement is reliant on LIKES, COMMENTS, SHARES and CLICKS, then the goal here is to craft posts that will ensure these actions are happening. Instead of telling you how to post, I am going to show you how to do it. Use these examples below as your guide. Once you begin to post with the engagement formula in mind (likes, comments, shares and clicks), your reach will increase and everything you do on Facebook will begin to boost your brand authority and help you increase your leads and sales.
    How to Increase Post Likes

    Likes are easier to get than comments. This post above works a bit differently than you might expect. If you post a question that sparks nostalgia or just a really good feeling, expect to see your likes skyrocket. The more you know what will resonate with your audience, the easier it is to think of questions that get them to take action.

    When you combine a great status update with a fantastic image, you will boost your posts’ likes. In this example, notice the casual, fun tone Abel James creates in his status update. The tone is incredibly important – the more casual and friendly on Facebook, the better!

    One of the easiest ways to increase your engagement is to ASK FOR IT. Awhile back there was some talk against asking for the like because some thought that Facebook would not count the engagement when you ask for it. However there is no proof of this and I have seen this strategy work very well. The more you make your audience laugh with your “Like Post” the higher the engagement!
    How to Increase Post Comments

    This is one of my very favorite ways to elicit comments. I do this all the time when I am creating content and my good friend, Pat Flynn is a pro with this type of post as well. Facebook users LOVE to give their opinion, so take advantage of this and ask questions that will help you better understand what they want. (As an added perk, notice how Pat also promoted his upcoming talk with the time and date!)

    Now here’s something a bit different, but extremely effective! I recently sent out an email where I encouraged feedback via my Facebook page. So I added a link to my Page inside the email and asked for comments. It was a huge success! To make sure my audience knew I appreciated their feedback and to strengthen my relationships, I replied to every single comment that was elicited from this email. It was a lot of work, but 100% worth the effort.
    How to Increase Post Shares

    If you want more shares, use an image that tells your fans instantly what the post is all about. If you want more shares, make the post share-worthy!

    OK, we all know that quotes work well on Facebook. But as I was hunting for successful posts on Facebook, it was very clear that not all quote posts will spark action. You must find the quotes that are extremely inspirational TO YOUR AUDIENCE – choose the quotes that are so good they can’t resist sharing. It might take a little extra effort to find the perfect quote, but the effort is worth it!
    How to Increase Link Clicks

    One of the best strategies to use on Facebook when you are going for post clicks is to include an image that will grab attention. You are more likely to get the click if the image sparks their interest. The image also increases shares, so it’s a win/win!

    This post strategy is another one of my favorites. If you want more fans to click the link in your post, create a little curiosity. Don’t give it all away in the post, but tease the content a bit so your fans are compelled to click to find out more.
    So there you have it! I always get a burst of creativity when I can actually see what others are doing to get success. I hope you, too, feel that creativity spark!
    One more thing: It doesn’t matter how many fans you have on your Page. Engagement is engagement. Meaning if you post something that gets a big spike in likes, comments, shares or clicks, PAY ATTENTION. Do more of what’s working for you and you will begin to see your engagement and reach climb quickly! I used the examples above because these posts all saw a spike in engagement compared to their other posts around the same time.
    Now it’s your turn: What have you seen that’s been working well in terms of increasing engagement on Facebook?


    Louis Teoh • 8 months ago
    Ever since I started facebook marketing, I've been following the advice given by the facebook marketing 'gurus' including yours, too, but I've never seem to achieve the result. So what may work for the 'gurus' or others may not necessarily work for every page and that leads me to the question of how is that so?
    What's the main driving factor that can make all the difference when the same set of advice have been followed to the tee?

      Amy Porterfield Mod Louis Teoh8 months ago
      Hi there, Louis. I am so glad you posted this here. I can see how it would be frustrating to follow a "gurus" steps and not see the same results. (By the way, I am 100% not a guru - I hate that word because it's so pretentious! ;-)
      From my own experience, I have seen success from many of my students that are in many different niches that are very different than mine. What is it that you do?

        Justin Amy Porterfield8 months ago
        I've found that Facebook and much social media marketing is a process, you can't expect huge results right away. If you do follow steps similar to this, over time you will build your audience and reach the people that you ultimately are targeting and have an audience that will engage with the content the way you are wanting them to.

        sarina Justin5 months ago
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        the Internet has been a very good position in this field achieved.
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          • Brandon Sowers Louis Teoh7 months ago
            I would like to agree with you here. In the past two months our major facebook pages of well over 400K has seen the reach drop 90%. We are one of the most engaging pages of up to 100% engagement or talking about us numbers. Of course we are experienced in facebook ads but the price and reach doesn't equal the ROI. Unless facebook makes a change back to validate Amy's post we are starting to see a faster migration off the platform and into instagram of all places. My theory in the near future is that we will end the era of engagement and go into the era of conversation. Brands will harness the power of messaging apps and their future of innovation. Just look at snapchat's new features.

            • Tiffany Odutoye Louis Teoh8 months ago
              I agree. The key differentiator is "paid" aka "promoted" posts. The more you pay AND apply these suggestions, the more results you'll get.... Didn't use to be so tricky, but I believe we are now in a more traditional advertising model, but in a digital world... It's a mindset shift.
              Amy, if I'm wrong, please share. We are listening...

              • Tomboy Tarts Louis Teoh5 months ago
                Yup, same here. It's easy for content marketers to get audiences because the content they are marketing is about YUP, content marketing. Other folks like us who start a brand with niche audiences are not going to get results in 6 months or even a year and while some of the above can work for the 'gurus' it hasn't worked for us as well. Namely, also remember that a lot of boosted/paid FB ads/posts hardly get engagement. They get more likes and that's it. It can be a total waste of time and money,

                • Mazan Salahuddin Louis Teoh8 months ago
                  I agree with you Louis. It totally depends on the type of brands and the type of audience you are dealing with.A simple trick in the post may work for the popular brands but at the same time produce zero interest for some unfamiliar brands. I use to face the same problem untill i was able to find what kind of post or content works for my page audience. So keep experimenting with the content until you can figure what works best to tickle the interest of your page audience.

                  • Riyaz Louis Teoh8 months ago
                    i can not agree more.

                  • Naina Modi Louis Teoh8 months ago
                    I see where you and others like Khuram Dhanani are coming from. Yes, their policy change is super frustrating but only if you were totally relying on the reach from every facebook like. Remember, they are a public company and need to make money.
                    I'd also like to say that, organic quality content goes a long way. It may not reach every single person, however, it can go viral and have a lasting effect. That content turns into an asset. Its just a long-term play.

                    Annegreen38 months ago
                    Hi Amy, I know you said you were going to write about this in your next post so maybe I'm pre-empting, but I've just paid for Facebook to promote my page for a week and have received heaps of likes, but I have to say rather dodgy looking ones, i.e. most with Middle-Eastern sounding names, one in Arabic script! & generally people I doubt would be interested in my website. I've heard there's some kind of like click thing where people get paid to "like" everything and the likes you end up with in this way are basically fake. Can you comment on this?

                      • Tomboy Tarts Annegreen35 months ago
                        Haha! Yes! We did too and you will realise that there is absolutely no engagement. Meanwhile Facebook has taken your money. We really got scammed by Facebook. We now divert our attention more to Twitter and Instagram and sad to say we have to use our personal FB accounts to generate interest for our brand.

                          • Mark Tomboy Tarts4 months ago
                            Interesting post Tomboy. I have a legal services firm in Ontario and will be applying this and other tactics to increase reach. I've budgeted some for a small run of ads. But you raise a point, if I am getting likes from some no name in the middle east, that does absolutely nothing for my business. I will do a short run - and study the likes - if that is what I get, they can say goodbye to any ads after that.

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                                                  • The merrymaker sisters8 months ago
                                                    RECIPES! Our followers go crazy when we post the actual recipe in the content - rather than a link to our blog. We then end the post saying 'share this so you can save it to your timeline for later' - seems to work really well!

                                                    • Lisa E. Romo8 months ago
                                                      I just viewed a video that very strongly suggests that buying FaceBook ads is a bad, bad idea for a couple of reasons. See the video here-

                                                      It simply appears that buying a promoted post or otherwise advertising on facebook is simply buying fake likes and that ends up hurting you, not helping! The video was convincing to me that buying advertising on Facebook should be avoided. I was contemplating doing so but now am truly doubtful. Any thoughts?

                                                        • Genevieve Lisa E. Romo8 months ago
                                                          Amy, I saw this same video a while back and have been wondering about the same thing. Can you address the concerns he raises? Thank you!

                                                          • Missy @tineySPARK Fitness Lisa E. Romo7 months ago
                                                            YES! I've be scammed by the same PAID FBook Ads as well. But to the tune of hundreds of dollars. Yes, I have nearly 7k followers but NO engagement and zero likes. It's as if now that I paid for ads my one very active account is dead!
                                                            And I lost a crap ton of money with nothing to show for it.

                                                            • Camila Lisa E. Romo7 months ago
                                                              I think this is the same thing that is happening to Annegreen3 above. I am interested in hearing Amy's comments too. This sounds terribly depressing.

                                                              • Derrick Davis Lisa E. Romo4 months ago
                                                                The EXACT same thing I uncovered by late last year.
                                                                One of my pages is completely all fake likes.Men with women names was the kicker.I bought all of this mess from FACEBOOK.He is not lying in any way shape or form.I begged FB to look into this matter and eradicate the fake likes.I eventually deleted the page after months of no correspondence with FB.With over 12,000 supposed followers with 0 engagement.I have other pages in which I dig for my own likes now and target to them but engagement is always close to nil.There is absolutely NO ROI for FaceBook Ads.

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                                                            Nov 2014
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                                                            Re: Tìm hiểu các cách làm tăng page like trên FB

                                                            How I got 10,000 Likes for my Facebook Page in 4 weeks

                                                            February 25, 2013 · by Nik · in Social Media
                                                            We hear this a lot from businesses today trying to grow their Facebook Page presence: “How do I get more Likes for my Facebook page?”. I decided it was finally time to try this for myself.
                                                            I went ahead and conducted a small experiment to see if I can increase likes for a Facebook Page that covered major events happening in India. After 4 weeks of A/B testing and working with various tools, I got to 10,000 likes for my Facebook page. And because I was able to do it with no prior experience, I wanted to share with you the 5 steps that got me to the 10K mark:
                                                            1) Make Content Rich Facebook Tabs

                                                            The very first lesson I learnt after starting the page was that content mattered. And more importantly, the way you display that content is critical. I made use of Tint (www.tintup.com) to create beautiful, content heavy Facebook tabs. I aggregated relevant news from various publishers and showcased it on my page. I then shared those tabs to different communities on Facebook, which generated a lot of traffic directed at my FB Page. When people landed on my content rich tabs, there was a more likelihood of people liking my Facebook page vs. just browsing and then leaving. Please note that using Tint alone will not get you likes. Tint is not a like generator. Tint generates content and good content makes your audience like your page.

                                                            2) Post Images over Status Updates & Links

                                                            As the second stage of my experiment, I started adding relevant, humorous, and compelling images on every post that I shared. I carefully observed the growth in reach and virality for each post after it was shared. The results are shown below.
                                                            From the experiment, it was very apparent that attaching strong, powerful images will get you more likes for your post vs posting a simple status update. And the more likes you get, especially right when it is sent out, the more exposed it will be to your community and their friends. That is how Facebook’s algorithm works – sparking content engagement right at the beginning equals higher virality. That means more exposure to your Facebook Page and more likelihood of getting free “Likes.”
                                                            Experiment 1: A status update / link

                                                            Experiment 2: Posting a photo

                                                            3) Facebook Ads

                                                            Facebook Ads are by far the easiest way to get more likes for your Facebook page. The difficult part is to effectively manage the Facebook Ads and make the most of a limited budget. Its really important to A/B test every single ad. You should closely monitor the following variables and make changes accordingly based on the ad performance:
                                                            a) Changing the target audience depending on the interests
                                                            b) Gender
                                                            c) State / Province – Geo targeting
                                                            d) Bidding for the price
                                                            The first three points are fairly intuitive. But the most difficult part was figuring out the optimal price for maximizing my Ad’s reach. I made a beginner’s mistake by letting Facebook optimize the price for me. I had paid 0.10 cents for every click which was way too expensive for me with my very limited budget. I chose to optimize the bid by trying out various options and got my bid to hover around .02-.05 cents per click. I started to notice that 90% of people who clicked on the ad went on to “Like” my page.
                                                            So I started to optimize my Ad and lowered my bid down to .01-.02 cents and varied the time at which I made my Ad visible (timing is key– you don’t want to show ads when your demographic is sleeping). Interestingly, I found that my Ads performed its best during early mornings and late nights!
                                                            The last A/B test I tried was on which page the ad would land on– the Facebook tab with content or the Facebook page itself. Not to much surprise, I saw people who landed on my Facebook Tab with rich content “liked” my Facebook page more than people who directly landed on the Facebook Page itself. Lesson 3: A/B test the SH** out of your Facebook Ads.
                                                            4) Tools

                                                            I used tools like Sproutsocial and Crowdbooster to measure my post performance. They help you analyze and track your social media marketing. This was critical because it helped me figure out the optimal time to share the content to get maximum exposure on my Facebook Page. Again, this is important because getting more likes for your posts gets your Facebook Page more visible among your friends, your community, and THEIR friends as well.
                                                            5) Creating Communities

                                                            This one’s a no brainer but sometimes forgotten. Interact with your fans. Ask them questions, request opinions, and give them incentives to invite their friends to your page through contest campaigns by using apps like ShortStack. This will help increase your Likes for your Facebook page at zero cost.

                                                            Screenshots of my progress:
                                                            a) My Facebook Page with 222 likes

                                                            b) My Facebook Page with 1,000 likes

                                                            c) My Facebook Page with more than 10,000 likes

                                                            After employing all 5 techniques mentioned above, I was able to achieve 10,000 likes in 4 weeks. I hope this was helpful and you have some new-found strategies to try out for yourself! Have you implemented some of these techniques? What are some steps you have taken to increase your Facebook Page likes? Feel free to share them in the comments below!
                                                            - Nik, Developer

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                                                            Re: Tìm hiểu các cách làm tăng page like trên FB

                                                            10 Easy Ways to Get More Facebook Likes for Your Business Page

                                                            Robert Rydefalk
                                                            August 7, 2013
                                                            Social Media Blog

                                                            Social Media Blog, Facebook Tips | 102 Comments
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                                                            In order to achieve success on Facebook you need a community. That’s a fact. If you don’t have a community, you don’t have anyone listening to you, and if there’s no one listening to you, it’s difficult to build brand awareness and deliver ROI.
                                                            You need a community filled with people who like you and share your content with like-minded friends. But it’s not just about the quantity of Facebook likes that you collect, it’s about the quality; attracting Facebook likes from a group targeted to suit your business goals whose comments (and endorsement!) can increase your shares on Facebook.
                                                            So here are ten quick and easy tips to drive targeted Facebook likes to your business page.
                                                            1. Complete your Facebook Business Page Profile

                                                            Your Facebook Page is the first thing people see when they come to visit you on Facebook. Let visitors know why they should like you! Create a catchy description and make sure you categorize your page correctly. Also make sure to list your address, phone number and hours of operation (if applicable). Not only will this inform your potential followers, it will tell Facebook what kind of organization you are you so they know to show your page when users are searching for companies like yours – which can increase your Facebook likes even more!
                                                            2. Ask friends, business partners and other contacts to like you on Facebook

                                                            Friends are like underpants. Some snap under pressure, some are a little twisted, but some will give you support. When you first create a Facebook Page invite your supportive friends, family and business partners to like your Facebook Page. These initial likes will give you higher social media credibility and visibility. Then, alert your customers, prospects and your other social communities, and promote your Facebook page anywhere you mention your website. If people don’t know your Facebook page exists, they can’t like it.
                                                            3. Add social plugins to your website

                                                            Visitors on your website should be able to find your Facebook Page easily. My recommendation is to use Facebook’s Social Plugins, like the Like box plugin, to get more Facebook likes. These plugins include a like button, your recent posts, and pictures of some of your fans.
                                                            4. Find out what interests your community

                                                            With Facebook’s new Graph Search it’s really easy to find out what interests your target community, and post relevant content to increase Facebook likes.
                                                            Here’s an example:
                                                            Let’s say that I have a Facebook Page for my new pizza restaurant in San Francisco. To learn more about my target community’s interests, I search for “Favorite interests of people who like Restaurants and live in San Francisco, California.“ Facebook tells me that my target community also likes cooking, wine tasting and traveling.

                                                            I also want to see the interests of my competitors’ communities, so I search for “Favorite interests of people who like Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza,” and I find out that they like cooking, chocolate chip cookies, eating, food and partying.
                                                            This information is great to have at hand when I’m thinking about what to post on my Facebook page. By posting content that my audience is interested in (for example, suggesting which wines go well with my pizza) they will share it with their friends and help me get more Facebook likes. This same content will also attract likes from people who come to my Facebook page from my website, email signature, or a Facebook search.
                                                            5. Use Facebook Ads

                                                            Facebook ads are another great way to increase Facebook likes. To get the most out of your ads, you can target by your community’s interests to find people similar to your current fans.
                                                            In the image below, you can see how I’ve used the information that I got from Graph Search and how I’ve targeted my ad for my new pizza place.

                                                            Experiment with different types of ads to see what works best for your organization, and make sure you choose the option that allows Facebook users to like your page directly from the ad.
                                                            6. Run a contest

                                                            There are many companies that have created successful contests on Facebook that resulted in many thousands of Facebook likes. But there are some things that you need to know before you create your own contest. For starters, make sure that your contest follows Facebook’s promotion guidelines. Your contest must use a Facebook app, which allows you to create a fan-gate, so that only those who first like your page can participate in the contest. Apps also have a unique URL, so you can promote your contest with a Facebook ad and increase Facebook likes even more.
                                                            Also, when you create a contest make sure that your app is working for mobile users, that the content of the contest is funny, that it’s easy to participate and that the contest encourage users to share their result and participation with their friends.
                                                            7. Like, and interact with, other companies

                                                            Did you know that you can engage with other company pages as your Business Page on Facebook? This is a great way to build awareness among like-minded companies and their followers. To do this, visit your Facebook Page, click on “Edit Page” in your Admin Panel and select “Use Facebook as YourPage.”

                                                            Finding companies to like and interact with is easy. Use Graph search and search for e.g. companies, pages, places that is of interests for your company and like these Pages (you can’t like personal profiles).
                                                            After you have liked some Pages, you can view your company’s Newsfeed and engage with the pages you like. Not only is the company likely to follow you back, but their engagement with your page will help you increase Facebook likes amongst their followers as well.
                                                            8. Publish engaging content

                                                            It’s important to publish engaging, entertaining and interesting posts on a regular basis, and to keep an eye out for the posts that get the most engagement. If your posts are valuable to your followers, then they will share your posts with their friends, helping you increase your Facebook likes. Images are among the best types of post for driving engagement so make sure you publish images your followers can relate to and will like. You may also want to include calls to action in some of your posts, asking followers to like, comment or share your content, or ask your community a question.
                                                            9. Be active

                                                            By now you know that you should publish engaging, interesting and entertaining content. But how often should you post? There is no magic number but there are best practices and analytics to guide you. Post at least one status update per day, and experiment with the timing of your posts to see when the majority of your followers are active. People are unlikely to like your Facebook page if you don’t post regularly – and they certainly won’t engage with your content (or help you get more likes) if they don’t see your posts.
                                                            10. Measure, analyze and learn

                                                            Use Facebook Insights to find useful metrics on your page performance. You can see things like reach (how many users are seeing your posts), engaged users (how many users engage with your posts) and new likes (when and why do you get new followers). These metrics will help you understand what’s driving your likes and engagement, so that you can adjust your posts accordingly. If you would like to know if you have good engagement, or want other recommendations for improvement, try out our free Facebook analytics tool, LikeAlyzer.
                                                            Want more Facebook marketing tips? Like us on Facebook!

                                                            Would you like to add any tips for getting more Facebook likes? Did I forget something? Please add a comment and, if you like the post, feel free to share it with your friends.

                                                            Ps. Now that you know how to get likes to your Facebook Page it’s time to make sure that you reach all of them. Read more about this in 10 Easy Ways to Expand Your Facebook Reach. Ds.


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